Weekly Roundup LXVI (with Hardwell, Crankdat, Kompany, and more aliases)

Weekly Roundup LXVI (with Hardwell, Crankdat, Kompany, and more aliases)

Enter another Friday, we have Hardwell, Crankdat, Kompany, and more aliases joining this list making for a varied Weekly Roundup. Let’s get into it!

Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding – Miracle (Hardwell Remix)

Showing a recent obsession towards old-school trance, the Breda-based veteran premiered his twist on Calvin Harris‘ recent hit “Miracle.” If the original stuck close to the 90s trance sound, this remix tailors it further for the festival with a charged uplifting trance adaptation.

Without deviating from the original’s melody and cadence, Hardwell rather focused on bringing most of that euphoric feel with blazing supersaws and a sprinting drop sequence. A fitting remix, to say the least!

Ross From Friends – The One

Bringing off-kilter and funky percussions into the fold, Ross From Friends has come up with his own niche of House music. “The One” is solid evidence of that.

Playful vocals and drumming over a four-on-four beat lead to a breakdown that introduces a trancey touch with buzzing electro synths, kind of reminding us of Fred Again.. with its nimble cadence.

Space Laces – Dominate VIP

Not much album art for a track depicts living beings incinerated brutally by a nuclear blast… Except “Dominate VIP.” From Space Laces, the song brings in a Dubstep soundscape over grungy techno settings. One might almost expect a full-on wobble attack with the expert build-up but instead is met with battering warehouse techno kicks and growling synth shots. Creatively executed!

Crankdat – B.T.W. (The Whistle)

Monstercat music brings bangers to the table most of the time, and with Crankdat‘s latest EP, they didn’t miss. One particular track B.T.W. is worth mentioning for its old-school Dubstep and Bass House schematics.

Bringing in chopped vocals in the breakdown with colorful electro chords, the drop gets aggressive with tremendous wobbles, having melodic interjections familiar to the breakdown (somewhat reminding us of Afrojack, in the process). Following this, Crankdat ups the ante and introduces a heavier drop with smacking snares and wobbles. There’s a great balance between melodic parts and heavy Dubstep/Bass House!

Elyx – Who I Was (ft. Ally Ahern)

The Italian creative Elyx has been working hard behind the scene to take his signature sound to different avenues. Known for his expertise in Tech/Bass House tracks, although the young moniker has chosen to drift to other genres without compromising his signature sound.

“Who I Was” pairs impassioned vocals from songstress Ally Ahern, with the instrumental giving emphasis to the singing with sparse pads and swift percussions. Later, the drop brings in a fast-paced house beat (with influences from acts like Fred Again) and analog synths, not to forget aspects familiar to Elyx’s singular discography.

Inuuro – Andromeda Rover

Much like the title of this creation, “Andromeda Rover” is a swirling and expansive ambient production that projects the feeling of floating through the infinity of the interstellar out there.

The Norwegian trio involved in this, Inuuro, are expert at crafting sci-fi-type ambient music that remains far from static, including a variety of dreamy and droning synths with sounds that hooks attention entirely.

Blackcode, David Allen – Something Real (Festival Mix)

If you happen to search for a melodic, festival-oriented Progressive House record, then look no further from the latest release from Blackcode (who we have featured in the past for the same reasons) with David Allen.

The festival retake of “Something Real” brings an enticing female vocal into the production, which is supported with airy acoustic guitar and piano chords, which then are replaced by boisterous electro synths and a streamlined groove. Classic, good old Progressive House throughout!

Kai Wachi, Kompany – PUMPANY

From the joint mettle of Kai Wachi and Kompany comes “PUMPANY,” a fierce and destructive Dubstep track. This Disciple release lacks no sharpness present in its other uploads, as it brings forth a malevolent vibe and serrated wobbles, digging into the ears with viciousness. All of this happens after an eerie, narrative breakdown that sets up the premise. Excellent sound design sets this belter to soar with gusto!

Bonus Review

ZEXTONE x Juan Dileju – deja vu (ft. ikaosi)

We have a fabulous Piano House from ZEXTONE and Juan Dileju, featuring the sweet vocal from ikaosi! The structure of this Soave release is solid and dynamic, with a bouncy bassline interacting with the voice and creating a sort of nostalgic effect at first (hence the title), but also a easy danceable rhythm. Summer is coming, and songs like “deja vu” will be on repeat for the next months!