Weekly Roundup LXV (With the latest club weapons)

Summer is here, and so is the heat. And not only literally, but also the one that is delivered each Friday. Let’s dive into what latest club weapons we have for this edition of the Weekly Roundup!

Hardwell, Olly James – Seduction

Perhaps this day was in the making – Rave Room pioneer Olly James conspired with the “Rebels Never Die” creator for an adrenaline-filled rave experience titled “Seduction” EP.

The titular record, “Seduction,” brings pounding tonal drums with charged-up acid squelches, with a trance breakdown that pays homage to the old-school raves. A balanced synergy throughout, with versatility shown by both creators!

Giuseppe Ottaviani – To The Stars

A long-time veteran in the realms of trance, it is not infrequent that Giuseppe Ottaviani moves out of his comfort zone.

“To The Stars” is a very different track to his usual discography of uplifting and progressive trance- instead, it trades that signature sound for peak-time techno sound, filled with razor acid riffs and futuristic techno lead synths. However, the breakdown brings out a hypnotic array of supersaws to imbibe just the amount of trance. A quality anthem for the Dreamstate festival nevertheless!

Alan Walker – Dreamer

After gaining success in the dance-pop arena by diverging to various commercial sounds, Alan Walker might have taken heed from other veritable EDM aliases- that sometimes, you have to return to the roots and appease the old fanbase.

“Dreamer” landed on the NCS imprint with that downtempo, happy, and upbeat electro synth that one must have heard countless times through YouTube videos. The Norwegian moniker stuck to the “Faded” template for this one, which deserves praise. In my opinion, however, it is a slightly dated style at this point, although it will be received warmly by many owing to the nostalgic factor.

Mark Roma – Omen

The British DJ/Producer Mark Roma has made a name in the Future Rave community, and “Omen” is a step further to establishing his trademark sound.

Utilizing an off-beat bassline and the familiar saw synths of the recent genre, the drops don’t lack the energy needed for a festival track. What stands out is the breakdown afterward, creatively replicating that euphoric sound of the Faithless: the ‘Insomnia’ pluck creates a debonair ambiance in this sequence, skilfully programmed to bring in a lot of hype and rush. In short, quite danceable!

Olgaholic – Elijah

Packed with lively percussions and a zesty summer sound in its schematics, “Elijah” is a refreshing tech house record from Olgaholic (formerly O.L.G.A.).

The Dutch producer chose to go for a funky sound that is reminiscent of older Toolroom and CR2 records releases, which readers might recognize as trendsetting labels of the said genres. With that said, this track maintains the flowing temperament, laced with choice drum sounds and a lively bassline. A step away from the conventional Tech House productions these days!

Cybered-Up Orang – Hearts and Moves

Released by up-and-coming Japanese alias Cybered-Up Orang, “Hearts and Moves” earns a lot of points merely for being a genuine and experimental approach that one would expect from lesser-known producers.

Claiming to be inspired by video games, the song frolics with a hip-hop-type breakdown with abrupt but attention-grabbing vocal chops while the drop ups the game with a pummeling hardcore type drop. The transitions between the breakdown and drop are effortlessly executed, pumping a heavy dose of vigor to the listener!

Matt Nash – Apart

A name that has furnished a consistent and steady output of quality releases, Matt Nash has expertise in a variety of genres. This time around, the British producer goes for a brisk progressive/melodic house sound with “Apart.”

The self-released track operates with a trance-y arp that plays alternatively over the running beat, topped by an appealing presence of vocals. It’s a straightforward production, but the vibes attained on this one are certainly worth mentioning!

Excision, Wooli, The Devil Wears Prada – Reasons

It is a well-established fact that when Excision meets Wooli, the result is outstanding doubts. Pushing the genre boundaries, the duo worked with a Hard Rock/Metal band for a Dubstep bomb named “Reasons.”

The song gives plenty of showtime to the rock genre influences, as bright vocals and guitars dominate the sound. One moment it is melodic, the next there are vicious shreds and vocal shrieks with Dubstep synths midway through. This contrasting but creative sonic patchwork on this song makes it a striking recommendation!