Weekly Roundup LXIX (With Skrillex, Tiesto, MK, Tourist, and more leading headliners!)

Summer is in full swing as artists are capitalizing on the season to come up with more club material. This edition of Roundup has Skrillex, Tiesto, MK, Tourist, and more leading headliners!

Deadmau5, Kaskade – I Remember (John Summit Remix)

A quintessential hit of the electronic music genre, “I Remember” has remained etched into the minds of many since it was released back in 2009. After nearly fifteen years, another official remix got sanctioned by the legendary creators; and it’s from none other than John Summit.

This version immediately brings in the catchy deep-tech house hybrid which Summit has mastered lately, spruced up by dreamy arps. While the original’s sublime qualities have been maintained, the second drop brings in a darker melodic techno twist. This sequence, however, felt slightly too contrasting compared to the prior one. It brings in a different array of synths and grooves that felt a bit less driven comparatively.

Nevertheless, a creative take that still bustles with energy and emotions!

Skrillex, Boys Noise – Fine Day Anthem

Did you know that another Skrillex and Fred Again synergy got released? No? Well, we wouldn’t blame you since it was more of a behind-the-scenes effort. “Fine Day Anthem” is the team-up between the American moniker and Boys Noise.

It wouldn’t take less than five seconds to immediately notice the Fred Again signature, with a gated vocal and upbeat percussive beat. The vocals almost have a lullaby-ish tone, as the rumbling bassline paired with the kick fulfills the dynamics. An eccentric ensemble here, albeit catchy, especially in the second half.

Notre Dame – Yumi (Tiesto Remix)

It always brings great satisfaction to see upcoming faces getting remixes from veterans. Such is the case with Notre Dame, whose breakthrough track “Yumi” got remixed by Tiesto.

The original is a dance number that incorporates an instantly ear-grabbing melodic hook with indie drumming, which got released on Solomun’s Diynamic Music. Tiesto captured the essence of the song and spun it into his trademark progressive/electro-house arrangement, further amplifying its dancefloor capabilities with an uptempo treatment.

Dillion Francis, Good Times Ahead – LA on Acid

Who can say no to acid? Dillion Francis and Good Times Ahead created a strong and trippy dose titled “LA on Acid.”

With a simple execution, hulking chops of acid riff escalate and hit like a freight train in the first drop, adopting a cyberpunk-type electro sound with a playful gait. Not long after, the second drop arrives with glitchy and pluck synths. Although the acid squelches don’t make a return cameo here, the drop remains equally heavy.

DIESEL, Crankdat – Heat

What happens when a basketball icon and dubstep’s talented figure meet together? It’s an exothermic process, as Shaq donned his DIESEL alias and teamed up with Crankdat for “Heat.”

The track is greatly hyped up by the towering performer during the build-up, as Crankdat utilized his vigorous synths that screech madly with punching snares
and robust vocals. Dope tune here!

Sonny Fodera, MK, Clementine Douglas – Asking

After their last summer hit “One Night” (featuring Raphaella), Sonny Fodera and MK met in the studio for another potential radio success.

“Asking,” which includes a stellar vocal rendition from Clementine Douglas, incorporates a debonair deep house theme supporting the soulful vocals, with interesting twists such as a breakbeat and 90s House influences. With two expert producers at the deck, the song radiates a lively and summer-ready vibe that precedes their previous efforts!

Tourist – A Little Bit Further

An experimental and dreamy experience, revered alias Tourist blended shoegaze and lush indietronica in a unique house offering. “A Little Bit Further” has a gorgeous start with a gentle groove and resonating acoustic guitars sharing a likeness to The Cocteau Twins. After some moments, a female vocalist comes in with an aesthetic deep house outfit.

Hypnotic and splendid composition at display here!

Olgaholic – Hot Blooded

Packed with hooking vocals and summertime schematics, Olgaholic returned with a polished deep house number that neatly incorporates dance-pop attributes. The production shines mostly due to the soulful vocals, which get into the main hook without delay and introduces a well-composed jazzy piano riff progression and cadent bassline.