Unsound 2020 to livestream interviews, discussions and presentations under Intermission theme

Unsound will focus on discourse programming this year.

The experimental Krakow-based festival announced the shift while sharing this year’s theme, Intermission. Unsound’s 18th edition “will be a festival where the sound of music largely gives way to the sound of speaking and listening,” the statement reads. “We will focus and expand upon our discourse program, which… will become the main focus of the festival.”

From October 4th through 11th, Unsound will livestream (and later archive) interviews, discussions, presentations and lectures featuring artists, writers, activists, scientists and more who will speak on the “the new reality we now inhabit and must respond to” caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

After the festival, Unsound will publish a book with vinyl component that collect works and related material from the event. It’ll also be titled Intermission.

As usual, the festival is accepting submissions for presentation and panel topics. “Some of the subjects we would like to explore include music in conditions of lockdown, pandemic and post-pandemic soundscapes, technologies of emergency, the environment and new forms of power. Others we realise we cannot yet foresee.” Find more information on how to submit here.

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