The voices have been heard: Declain has a new old-school treat!

The voices have been heard: Declain has a new old-school treat!

80%Overall Score

• Signature retro vibes on the composition
• Switching between Trance and Techno
• A bit short in duration

Starting 2023 the independent way, Declain has proved he can transverse genres boldly without sticking to please any cut-and-dry label stipulations. This has given him a greater opportunity than ever to experiment, something the German artist has done in the past- and continues doing so- while honoring his fans with a unique style that cuts through. “Voices” is his latest showcase, the first one from him this year, and it’s an exciting one at that!

Formerly, Declain has made renown by getting major support from Spinnin’ Records, mostly its sub-label Maxximize. Last year more deserved breakthrough came for the said alias through his interpretation of Soft Cell’s hit “Tainted Love”: a playful and meticulous rework that put a brisk warehouse techno twist in the midst of flourishing 80s aesthetics. The latter aspect is common in Declain’s oeuvre due to self-proclaimed love for the glamorous decade. As of recent, he gave his spin on “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” a chipper, bouncier take on the Tears for Fears’ classic.

“Voices” continues the theme built-up so far, using vibrant and spread-out synths contrasted with punchy techno details. Hooking vocals (perhaps performed by Declain himself) liven the instrumental with a touch of euphoria, as classic trance synths rush in during the drop: something that we felt was very parallel to NWYR’s style (W&W’s alter-alias) due to the fast arpeggio melody. The drop switches between techno and trance, saving the saw synths right after like a sudden burst of energy.

It’s good to hear that in a distinctive context, especially one constructed by an upcoming artist striving to be diverse. Here that recipe is a fine blend of trance, techno, and a bit of 80s, forming a production that doesn’t exactly fit any genre outright but settles for its niche.

Otherwise, the slightly shorter streaming edit is perhaps our only nitpick on this song, as it lasts just over 2 mins. That’s understandable, considering the fierce streaming algorithms at work. Declain did superlative work as always, not shying away from breaking the mold!

You can listen to “Voices” here: