The Ninth Crusade: A Review of the Ironheart’s “Outremer EP”

As I mentioned in my previous review of “Eye Of The Storm”, Ironheart has a remarkable talent for creating not just stories or tales, but entire journeys through his music. With a unique blend of Dubstep, PsyTrance, Electro House, and orchestral/medieval elements, his latest EP, “Outremer“, released by New Dawn Collective, delivers a solid 90+ rating right from the first track, “Edessa.” It’s worth noting that “Eye Of The Storm” received an 86, making this new EP even more exceptional. “Outremer” stands as a testament to the power of unity, with each component combining to create a captivating crusader’s story.

According to Ironheart, “Outremer” seeks to capture more oriental vibes, immersing itself in the flavors of the Levant. However, I couldn’t help but notice an overall evolution throughout the EP, as Ironheart skillfully navigates between different genres while retaining his characteristic “medieval-esque” vibe. This escapade into new territories marks his personal crusade, which has undoubtedly been fought and won. Now, let’s embark on this musical adventure and delve into the four protagonists of this journey.


Edessa, both a city and a musical representation, played a significant role in the Crusades. Located in present-day Turkey, it was one of the earliest crusader states established after the First Crusade. Ironheart masterfully captures the essence of this historical city with a captivating flute that gives way to a discharge of PsyTrance energy. It’s evident that Ironheart has ventured into new sonic realms with this track, with the powerful bassline conveys a sense of ongoing conflict, creating an unforgettable experience while still honoring the city’s culture. The seamless integration of the flute with EDM elements is nothing short of spectacular.


Antioch was another of the most powerful Crusader States. The city witnessed critical battles, including the challenging Siege of Antioch. With a slow marching rhythm and powerful instrumentation, “Antioch” beautifully reflects the city’s martial history and significance. The track’s medieval breakdown transitions smoothly into Dubstep with Rock influences, a classic signature of Ironheart. The energy of the fight takes center stage here, especially evident in the buildup and drop, albeit in a more brutal and aggressive manner compared to “Edessa”. It feels like experiencing different battles with every beat.

Eye of the Storm

I would mention my own review here, adding a +3 rating because the more time I listen to it, the more I love the drop.

“Eye of The Storm” tells the story of crusaders embarking on a battle overseas, and its epic aura immediately kicks in. By far, my favorite part of his style is the incredible capability of crafting atmospheres: I felt like a part of the crew during the breakdown phase. There is an impressive peak, with IVEEN’s vocal delicately coordinating with the base. In this case, we have a medieval theme plus sailor chants, a terrific combination for an unforgettable act.

And the drop? Roaring with passion like the ocean waves, the blazing synths enter the stage with an explosive introduction. I felt that it was more delicate than my expectations, giving space to elegant chords and the liveliness of the vocals.Ironheart and IVEEN have conjured a splendid gem with “Eye Of The Storm”, an adventurous release on a style, that again, I consider greatly unique and admirable.

Kingdom Of Heaven

Lastly, “Kingdom of Heaven” pays tribute to the final battle for Jerusalem. With its driving rhythm, powerful instrumentation, and grand choirs and organs, the track captures the intensity and drama of this pivotal moment in history. The battle for Jerusalem represented the culmination of years of fighting and struggle, and “Kingdom of Heaven” embodies the determination and perseverance of those who fought for their faith. With an explosive blend of Melodic Big Room and Dubstep, Ironheart creates an unforgettable finale that elevates the EP to a resounding 90+. I loved the search for new genres and sounds here, while keeping “faith” to the theme of the EP. This delicate equilibrium was reached, delivering a somptuos gem where everything fits perfectly well together.

In conclusion, “Outremer” by Ironheart is a remarkable musical journey that weaves through historical themes, genres, and emotions, showcasing the artist’s ingenuity and prowess. Each track stands as a unique piece of the puzzle, contributing to the overall narrative of this crusader’s story. As we traverse the intricacies of the EP, we witness Ironheart’s personal crusade through new territories, culminating in a triumphant and diverse experience. This EP is a must-listen for anyone seeking a captivating and immersive sonic adventure.