The Magical Experience of Mathieu Moës Live and Surrounded by Friends at Melusina, Luxembourg, 2023

Today’s review brings something truly extraordinary – a performance by Mathieu Moës that completely turned my evening around. Normally, I’d skim through live exhibition videos due to time constraints, but for this, I decided to sit down and watch. All of it.

What am I talking about?
This is a live album from Luxembourg-based Producer Mathieu Moës, capturing his recent successes in a mesmerizing event held at Melusina, elegantly titled “Live and Surrounded by Friends at Melusina, Luxembourg, 2023“.

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The concept behind this performance is nothing short of brilliant. Watching Mathieu passionately doing what he loves, encircled by friends and family who support his music, in an intimate yet sophisticated venue immediately set the perfect tone. It’s akin to being invited to a warm and welcoming family dinner, creating a welcoming and warm atmosphere that’s quite crucial, especially for someone like me who wasn’t familiar with the artist before.

Let’s dive into the music. Mathieu seamlessly blends orchestral elements with genres ranging from House and Future House to Midtempo, and even a touch of pop. Vocal-driven tracks intertwine with minimalist instrumentals in an eclectic selection that maintains Mathieu’s distinct sense of calm and elegant minimalism. Yet, it also spans at least five different directions, offering a 360-degree range of tracks to suit various tastes. The way the set is curated provides surprising moments, transitioning from soothing tunes to energetic twists. And yes, this is a live, non pre-recorded exhibition, showcasing Mathieu’s genuine enjoyment behind the decks.

Picking favorites from this set is a challenge, but I can certainly offer a few mini-reviews here about the songs that entertained me the most. I strongly recommend listening to the entire “Mathieu Moës Live and Surrounded by Friends at Melusina, Luxembourg, 2023” to fully appreciate the synergy between the tracks.

Trois aventuriers

With a Deorro-like lead, this track unfolds like an adventure, guiding listeners through a rollercoaster of emotions. The pizzicato vibe adds a distinctive touch, showcasing Mathieu Moës’ talent in telling a story through carefully selected elements. It’s an impressive release that leaves a lasting impact.


Boasting over 100,000+ streams, “Lux-Ville” is undoubtedly a hit from Mathieu. The blend of elegant synths with captivating vocals is simply jaw-dropping. This track encapsulates the epitome of his style’s sophistication, with a solid sound design pairing up with the now-familiar cinematic vibes… And a guitar!


“Bliss” exudes a joyful vibe that harmonizes well with the epic undertone of this part of the set. The addition of energetic percussions enhances the dynamism of the track. It’s slightly experimental in tone, taking the atmosphere into a darker, more melancholic realm, and I appreciate the audacity in changing the mood right when I was settling it for a calmer section.

Can’t Stop ft. JVZEL

This inventive cover of RHCP deserves a special mention. The classic is reimagined with orchestral elements and a courageous reinterpretation of the vocals by JVZEL. Kudos for the remarkable creativity.

In conclusion, Mathieu Moës’ live performance at Melusina is nothing short of a musical journey that captivates the senses. This unique concept of a live album offers a glimpse into the artist’s world, enriched by the energy of his friends and supporters. Mathieu’s ability to seamlessly weave together different genres while maintaining his signature style is commendable. From adventure-filled tracks to elegantly soothing tunes, this performance is a testament to his creativity and skill.