The Kickstart of Aejix in Drum & Bass: A Review of Aejix’s EP ‘Jump The Time’

Before delving into the electrifying soundscapes of Aejix‘s debut EP, ‘Jump The Time‘, it’s essential to understand the artist behind the music. Aejix, whose real name is Mike Serapinas, is a multifaceted British electronic musician, producer, and DJ. Influenced by iconic acts like The Prodigy, Pendulum, Noisia, Skrillex, and an array of artists spanning different genres, Aejix’s music defies boundaries, exemplifying his belief that exceptional music transcends categorization. His signature sound can be best described as ‘rock n roll meets rave,’ infused with cinematic overtones that evoke the energy of festivals.

His musical journey commenced at the tender age of five when he first picked up the trumpet and piano. This early foray into music laid the foundation for what would become a transformative and exploratory odyssey.

Over the years, Aejix honed his craft by immersing himself in various instruments, including drums, bass, guitar, and vocals. This extensive musical background ultimately led him to venture into the world of DJing and music production in 2016. His earlier experiences, including participation in orchestras, bands, and ensembles, uniquely positioned him for a solo career.

Under the moniker Aejix, he embarked on his solo career in late 2023. This solo journey opened doors to explore diverse melodic concepts and sonic landscapes that resonate deeply with his artistic expression.

Aejix’s debut EP, ‘Jump The Time,’ defies easy categorization, offering an enthralling blend of Drum & Bass and House elements. Describing it with mere words feels reductive, so let’s dive into the musical journey that Aejix has crafted.

Jump In The Car

The debut track opens with an enchanting vocals, aimed at creating an hooky attraction with its repetitive loops, accompanied by the hauntingly beautiful sound of a trumpet. This initial section sets a somewhat rock-ish tone, contrasting beautifully with the impending Drum & Bass onslaught. When the drop arrives, it’s like a relentless machine gun of basslines, underpinned by a steady rhythm. Aejix’s intricate attention to detail shines through in the drum patterns, lead elements, and occasional snare rolls.

It might take a moment to get accustomed to the exhilarating and unpredictable pace of this sonic journey, but once it grabs hold, it doesn’t let go. ‘Jump In The Car’ is an adrenaline-fueled ride that skillfully oscillates between moments of pauses, where minimalism shines, and intense dynamism, leaving a lasting impression.

All The Time

‘All The Time’ shares a similar blueprint with its predecessor, featuring an unvarnished vocal style and Piano that evoke a sense of nostalgia, wiring towards a more House schema. However, this track places more emphasis on the dominant drum elements, while the bassline remains an unwavering force. What stands out here is the melody and the remarkable clarity of the bassline, which adds a layer of finesse to the track.

Concluding, Aejix’s ‘Jump The Time’ is a remarkable debut that showcases his unique blend of genres. The EP’s gritty and hard-hitting basslines take center stage, providing a solid foundation for hypnotic vocal loops and cleverly placed elements. The deliberate well-organized structure of the tracks allows these elements to roam in a very specific sequence, providing excellent feedbacks at production level.

In the world of Aejix, the boundaries of genres blur, and listeners are taken on a captivating journey through soundscapes that transcend the ordinary. As a debut, ‘Jump The Time’ sets a high standard for what we can expect from this promising artist in the future. Stay tuned for more from Aejix, as he continues to evolve and expand his musical horizons.