The First non-Hardstyle Track by Dr Phunk: a review of “Ruffneck Sound”

The First non-Hardstyle Track by Dr Phunk: a review of “Ruffneck Sound”

86%Overall Score

• Vocals from Skrillex’s
• Dirty Electro House
• Classic Dutch House influences

It was surprising to hear Dr Phunk changing genres, but “Ruffneck Sound” is neither a dull nor bland track, despite being a Festival Big Room-Techno hybrid. Featuring a vocal loop I didn’t hear for a long time, I guess coming from Skrillex’s “Ruffneck” (2011) but in a slight Reggae-type variation, “Ruffneck Sound” builds up ample tension and then blasts it away in a dirty drop.

There are some Dyro influences in here, likely since they were both in Revealed and the Dutch House dirty lead is extremely fierce, especially when paired with a not-so-gentle thumping kick. The experience is ruthless, powerful, and the real deal that is to be handled with care!

And that’s not all with the twists. The core breakdown brings an experimental and softer melodic sound, venturing into the Dubstep realm (but probably I’m just leaning towards the vocals). It’s a section that is particularly commendable as it slows things down before an even more volatile finale. Here is where Dr Phunk showed his Hardstyle panache, with an even driven kick and heavier, Jumpstyle components. What a colossal bomb, and the reggae vocals blend seamlessly!

In entirety, I wouldn’t label this a big change of style for this amazing artist, even if “Ruffneck Sound” is not strictly Hardstyle. Changing genre is not a scary alternative, especially if the results are this entertaining!

You can listen to “Ruffneck Sound” here: