Suns Of July’s Latest Music Video “Beautiful You Are” Is All About Anti-Bullying And Tolerance

Suns of July’s latest music video, “Beautiful You Are,” is all about anti-bullying and tolerance. Inspired by lead singer Kosta Dimos’ personal experience of bullying in elementary school, “Beautiful You Are” is a wonderful anthem for a great cause, delivered alongside an inspiring music video that captures children playing in their school, helping each other when they fall, and harmoniously co-existing. 

Suns of July are currently preparing one of their most important performances scheduled to take place on the International anti-bullying day on the 26th of February, part of the International Anti-Bullying Month, and set to be a national event with major coverage. A great way to spread their powerful message, this event and everything around “Beautiful You Are” is meticulously imagined to have the maximum positive impact on educators, children, and the educational institution as a whole.