STROOM compiles key material from Dutch hometaper Hessel Veldman

For its next archival project, the Belgian label STROOM will release a compilation of works from Hessel Veldman.

Veldman was a key figure in the Dutch home-taping scene, an international DIY network which flourished in the late ’70s and ’80s. He and his wife Nicole ran Exart, a tape label which served as an outlet for their own projects, such as Y Create and Gorgonzola Legs, and other visionaries like Enno Velthuys.

Despite the low-key nature of Exart releases, Veldman would often cull choice segments from hours and hours of home recordings. The tracks on the forthcoming collection, Eigen Boezem, range from avant-pop to minimalist synth funk, and draw from throughout his catalogue.

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Listen to several tracks off Eigen Boezem.

01. Hessel Veldman – Tale

02. Y Create – The Blue Intro
03. Y Create – He Said
04. Y Create – Got Nothing To Do

05. Hessel Veldman – B^te
06. Forbidden Photographs – The Tattooed Fetus

07. Y Create – Je Ne Pas Le Pain

08. Y Create – Broken Chairs

09. Y Create – Everyone Has Left Us Tonight

10. Y Create – …….And More

11. Y Create – Walkin’

12. Y Create – Let’s Go

13. Hessel Veldman – Truth Will Be Cold

14. Hessel Veldman – In Biberach

STROOM will release Eigen Boezem May 22nd, 2020.