Spooky Techno for Halloween? XVW has it with the “Ghost Raver”

Spooky Techno for Halloween? XVW has it with the “Ghost Raver”

80%Overall Score

• Fantastic theme, given the lead used
• Powerful melodic compartment
• Slashing Techno bassline

Here’s a techno gem that I can’t wait to share: The German creative XVW has just unveiled the gargantuan track “Ghost Raver” which definitely gave me the chills. The protagonists here are a merciless bassline and an eerie lead, constantly giving a preternatural, phantom-like presence; almost haunting in a couple of sequences. Needless to say, the theme and title of the tune have been nailed efficiently.

You may be familiar with XVW for his synergy with HÄWK on “Tequila“, released via Heartfelt Records and gathering millions of streams. His portfolio also includes work for X-Factor winner, EES. A promising talent, I was already quite impressed by the mentioned collaboration.

This gnarly twist comes unanticipated and at an appreciable time. As said, the unique lead is the game changer in “Ghost Raver”! One can’t ignore the powerful melodic portion, magnified by the said bassline rampaging throughout the central part of the instrumental.

XVW has conjured a tune deserving of praise, filled to content with aggressive and dynamic schematics paired with a standout idea that lends an excellent weapon for the Halloween raves. Now, let’s keep an eye on him!

You can listen to “Ghost Raver” here: