Spice – “A Better Treatment”Spice – “A Better Treatment”

Last year, in the early days of the pandemic, two members of the great long-running punk band Ceremony started a new band and released a truly awesome debut album. Ceremony singer Ross Farrar and drummer Jake Casarotti make up half of Spice, which also has members of Creative Adult and Sabertooth Zombie. Their self-titled debut album came out last July, and it ruled so hard. Now, with the pandemic continuing endlessly and with the Dune movie looming, it seems like the perfect time for more Spice. They’ve got us covered.

In November, Spice will release the new two song single “A Better Treatment” b/w “Everyone Gets In.” Today, they’ve shared the A-side, a surging and intense song inspired by the death of a friend. “A Better Treatment” is definitely a punk song, but it’s long and expansive, built on a slow bass-churn and mourful violin. Farrar has never sounded this much like Blake Schwarzenbach, and that is not a complaint. Listen to “A Better Treatment” below.

“A Better Treatment” b/w “Everyone Gets In” is out 11/19.