Soulwax's new album is a tribute to EMS Sythni 100

Soulwax are releasing an album and book ode to the EMS Synthi 100.

Belgian duo David and Stephen Dewaele, who also DJ as 2ManyDJs, worked with the university of Ghent’s Institute For Psychoacoustics And Electronic Music (IPEM) to house the rare, large analogue synth—only 31 were ever produced—at their DEEWEE studios while an EMS repair expert Constantin Papageorgiadis restored the instrument over the course of a year. DEEWEE Sessions Vol. 01 is the result of that time.

“It was our belief that there were tons of melodies and rhythms hidden within the machine, we just had to make it sing,” David and Stephen Dewaele say. “A few of the compositions were written beforehand, with the Synthi 100 in mind, then translated onto it. A couple were created by just messing around for hours, and some of it is the machine randomly playing by itself, inspiring us to build onto its unique chaos.”

The album and 48-page book are out on May 29th via DEEWEE and The Vinyl Factory.

Watch a teaser.

01. Movement 1

02. Movement 2

03. Movement 3

04. Movement 4

05. Movement 5

06. Movement 6

Deewee and The Vinyl Factory will release DEEWEE Sessions Vol.01 on May 29th, 2020.

Photo credit: Alex Salinas