Social distancing in nightclubs spells financial ruin, business owners say in new UK survey

A new survey by the NTIA (Night Time Industries Association) shows the UK industry has grave concerns about the post-lockdown landscape.

The survey was released to 200 businesses—including pubs, clubs, bars and live music venues—across the UK, which currently remains under lockdown. Here are the key findings:

• Businesses expect to be operating between 40 and 43 percent capacity once the lockdown has been lifted.
• At this reduced rate of capacity, 63.8 percent of businesses don’t expect to be financially viable and will need to seek financial support.
• The average cost of restarting a business post-lockdown will be £31,131, rising to £50,000-plus for nightclubs and suppliers.
• Businesses predict only 55 percent of the hospitality workforce will return.
• 93.8 percent of nightlife business owners are “concerned” that social distancing will spell financial ruin.

• 70.8 percent of business owners think the public perception and negative connotations surrounding COVID-19 will have a lasting effect.

Ahead of the lockdown lift, tentatively slated for July 4th, the nightlife industry has also requested a three-week notice period from the UK government so it can mobilise staff and suppliers. All UK clubs currently remain closed.

Nightlife is the UK’s fifth biggest industry, representing 8 percent of jobs and bringing in £66 billion per year.

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Photo credit: Danny Seaton