Slayer-covering doom supergroup Slower share “South of Heaven” with Kylesa’s Laura Pleasants on vocals

Slower, the Slayer-covering doom supergroup with members of Fu Manchu, Monolord, and more, have shared their cover of “South of Heaven.” Bob Balch (of Fu Manchu) says this is the song that started it all, and it’s also the one song on the album with Laura Pleasants of the now-defunct Kylesa on vocals and Kyuss‘ Scott Reeder on bass. (The other tracks are sung by Year of the Cobra’s Amy Barrysmith with Lowrider‘s Peder Bergstrand on bass.)

“Once I demoed that riff, I knew that this record had to be made eventually,” Bob says. “I was teaching a student so we slowed down the riff. I thought it would be really cool to tune down and play it heavy and make it doomy. […] The main structure/demo of this recording goes back to 2020. Now, almost four years later, I’m super stoked that people get to hear it. Enjoy.”

The “South of Heaven” riff is kinda doomy in the first place, so it makes sense that this one works so well, and it’s a real treat to hear Laura Pleasants bring her hauntingly ethereal style to this. Check it out below.

The album comes out tomorrow (1/26) via Heavy Psych Sounds (pre-order).

[embedded content]

1. War Ensemble (E. Willems, P. Bergstrand, A. Barrysmith, B. Balch)
2. The Antichrist (E. Willems, P. Bergstrand, A. Barrysmith, B. Balch)
3. Blood Red (E. Willems, P. Bergstrand, A. Barrysmith, B. Balch)
4. Dead Skin Mask (E. Willems, P. Bergstrand, A. Barrysmith, B. Balch)
5. South of Heaven (E. Willems, S. Reeder, L. Pleasants, B. Balch)

Slower is:
Esben Willems (drums) Monolord
Peder Bergstrand (bass) Lowrider
Amy Barrysmith (vocals) Year of the Cobra
Laura Pleasants (vocals) Kylesa
Bob Balch (guitars) Fu Manchu
Scott Reeder (bass) Kyuss