Simplicity evolving into Something “Very Loud”: A Review of 1tbsp’s EP

It feels great to be back reviewing EPs after almost one busy year of single releases. I must admit, reviewing an EP requires a different kind of effort. I need to sit down, dedicate at least an hour of my time, and listen to the songs repeatedly until I grasp the essence of the project. An EP holds more storytelling behind it, unlike the majority of today’s releases that seem rushed to appease streaming algorithms.

I always enjoy observing how artists put together their tracks and what concept or story they are trying to convey to listeners. Today’s protagonist, 1tbsp, had a clear vision in mind, for example.

Let’s dive into the review of “It’s Very Loud” his EP released last March and available on all streaming platforms. It proved to be quite a unique experience from our perspective. We can classify its genre as House, with a futuristic touch of Tech and DnB influences, lots of experimentation with vocalisms and a nostalgic vibe in a couple of sequences. As the artist mentioned, the EP is about self-expression, and I noticed how the structure appears simple at first, but with subtle touches here and there, 1tbsp differentiates the outcome, allowing his creativity to roam free. Freedom is the predominant keyword here, and witnessing someone experiment with such passion is truly inspiring.

But now, let’s delve into the project, track by track:

Four Tet is My Godmother

Funk is everywhere! Starting with a simple breakbeat, 1tbsp evolves the bassline by infusing strong drums and blending classic elements with a rave-oriented banger. Personally, the vocals on this track were the weakest of the four, as I’m not particularly fond of this vocal style. However, the result is both elegant and energetic.

Pioneer Digital Plastic Sound

The vocals initially seem chaotic, but I quickly became accustomed to their looping pattern, which, although still difficult to handle in the long run, felt ingenious deep down. This track is highly energetic, with a bouncy bassline and speedy percussion that drills into my ears. Letting go of this melody will be a challenge, for sure.

It’s Very Loud

As the title track, I had high expectations, but the main feedback I can provide is that it doesn’t stand out like the rest. The vocals have a chant-like quality that blends well with the base, but overall, the track feels somewhat minimal, especially considering that the beat remains constant throughout. 1tbsp adds some background elements to create a laid-back atmosphere, yet I still felt that something was missing. Interestingly enough, “It’s Very Loud” turns out to be the calmest track in the selection.

No Nein (feat. Mietze Conte)

This collaboration has played with offbeats, resulting in an incredibly surprising outcome. I admired the subtle background vocals and the escalating chords, which almost transition into a DnB-like section while maintaining a serene vibe. There’s a dreamy quality to this track that resonated with me in the long run. “No Nein” deserves recognition for its courageous take on the genre.

Overall, “It’s Very Loud” is a delightful collection filled with surprising moments. It managed to capture the attention of those already familiar with the genre, as well as those simply seeking a dance-worthy experience. It’s a remarkable combination, I must say. After this impressive start, I’m eagerly anticipating more innovative ideas from 1tbsp.