Save Our Scene: How to help the electronic music community

Help the electronic music community (and others) during the current coronavirus pandemic, AKA COVID-19.

Various online resources and community events have sprung up in the wake of cancellations currently decimating the live music sector. We’ve gathered them in the links below.

Sign petitions, offer and receive help
Buy music, merch, zines and more
Attend virtual events

We will continue updating these posts as more resources appear. Please email [email protected] with any suggestions.

Read our feature to hear from people across the dance music community about how COVID-19 is affecting them. Plus, here are some ideas on what to watch, read and do at home while self-isolating.

Find the latest COVID-19 statistics on this interactive map created by Johns Hopkins University.

Learn more about the #SaveOurScene campaign here.

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Save Our Scene
Save Our Scene: An Open Letter
Guide: Offer and receive help
Guide: Attend virtual events
Guide: Buy music and merch
Guide: Donate