Sam Feldt patched this INNA and R3HAB mess with “Rock My Body”

Sam Feldt patched this INNA and R3HAB mess with “Rock My Body”

81%Overall Score

• Finally something genuine!
• Great synergy with the vocals
• Surprising twist afterwards

My expectations about R3HAB who most probably didn’t even open the project file for “Rock My Body” once, were low as always. For an artist thriving in fame lately, I was hoping for a more inventive take on the Trance classic from SASH!

But no, he simply “stole” the idea from Quintino and Thomas Gold who in turn had stolen identically from Olly James. Compare the three versions, they use the same Big Room elements with the exception of the vocals (this time being a feature from INNA). I wonder why- checks streams – ohh, that’s 11 million on Olly’s version and 17 mill for Quintino! Got that.

Wasting words is futile on some lazy rework, rather read the “Quechua” review instead. Today I will focus on someone who actually has a fresh take: Sam Feldt, remixing “Rock My Body”.

The Dutch artist began on the wrong foot, using the original’s layout with a summery and easygoing mood, hinting at an oncoming Future House or wobbling Bass House, which would then switch to some standard Deep House soundset of percussions and the same damn melody. The bassline has a lot to add in the formula, with ample movement and synergy with INNA’s voice. It is the second glitchy drop, however, that turned the tables on my existing opinions.

Sam Feldt slapped a glitch, dirty Electro House moment between the upbeat vibe of “Rock My Body”, and I couldn’t be less satisfied about it. The idea alone between the first drop and central buildup is worth giving my half cent royalty fee to R3HAB, who has yet to convince me. Bravo, Sam!

You can listen to “Rock My Body” here: