Rizzy Rackz Releases Risky Business Deluxe

Rizzy Rackz, an emerging artist from Richmond, Virginia, has dropped Risky Business Deluxe, a new edition of his acclaimed album. This release features 15 tracks, including a brand-new single, “No Drill.”

Risky Business Deluxe highlights Rizzy‘s distinct style and storytelling ability. Each track explores different aspects of his journey and experiences. The first track is “The 1st,” setting the tone with its compelling beats and introspective lyrics. “Risky Business,” follows, showcasing Rizzy’s knack for blending personal anecdotes with broader themes.

Achieving,” “Extras,” and “Light Years” continue to build on this foundation, each song reflecting different facets of Rizzy‘s artistic vision. “Started” and “Pressure,” featuring FNF Chop, touch on the pressures and triumphs of pursuing a career in music, while “Gimme My Bag” with Luh Kiddo celebrates the hustle and success that come from relentless dedication.

Papi” and “Goku” offer a more playful vibe, showcasing Rizzy’s versatility and ability to switch between serious and light-hearted themes effortlessly. “Dog House,” featuring WTO Sco, and “No Drill,” featuring Big Razo, stand out for their collaborations, bringing new voices and perspectives to the album.

The standout track, “No Drill,” is a gritty song that addresses the challenges and realities of street life. In the first verse, Rizzy Rackz addresses the attempts to undermine him and his rise above the adversity he faces. “Let em try to take me out the game imma let it blow / Niggas trynna claim all my fame they can’t be me though,” he raps, emphasizing his resilience and determination. The chorus, with its repetitive “Flip again, do again,” mantra, reinforces the theme of perseverance and continuous effort.

Big Razo’s verse complements Rizzy‘s message, providing a raw look into the life of hustling and the constant grind it requires. Lines like “Ima give it to you raw / Ima tell it like it is” underscore the authenticity and no-nonsense approach that define both artists.

The deluxe version also includes tracks like “OV” and “Big Dawg,” along with the earlier single “Loving Me Baby,” offering fans a comprehensive look at Rizzy’s evolution as an artist. Each song is a statement of his growth and the diverse influences that shape his music.

Risky Business Deluxe solidifies Rizzy Rackz‘s place in the music industry. It’s a cohesive collection that reflects his journey, challenges, and triumphs. With its mix of introspection, hustle, and collaboration, this album is set to resonate with both new listeners and longtime fans alike.

Play Risky Business Deluxe here: