Rival Release Their Brand New Album Titled Down The Rabbit Hole

Montreal based hard-rock band Rival just released a brand new album entitled Down The Rabbit Hole, a collection of ten hard rock songs, each one offering a different aspect and perspective on the band’s impressive work. This full-blast, funky yet melodic record, is a grandiose release that mainly goes over the band’s struggles and experiences of the past few years. 

In collaboration with Matt Nozetz from Avbury Studios, Rival’s Down The Rabbit Hole includes everything we love about hard-rock and heavy-metal, with its raw and straightforward lyrics, and flawless execution thanks to the band members’ incredible musicianship. 

With Jeremy Helten brilliantly playing the guitar and delivering impressive vocals, Matt Baker on guitar, Mike Chretien on drums, and Corrado Johnston on bass, Rival is surely going to take the hard-rock scene by storm with this powerful and inspiring record.