Rhythm Section launches Patreon-supported membership program

Rhythm Section International has announced a new mentorship program.

The London-based company—which encompasses a label, event production and studios—has launched a Patreon page for the new initiative, which they say is a “chance to share our combined knowledge, to open the door to the inner workings of Rhythm Section—and keep it open.”

The label plans to use Patreon support to open up a two-way exchange. Patrons will learn from the label’s years of experience, but the company wants to learn from its supporters as well, the aim being “to build a team of Patrons who we can approach for feedback & advice to help us grow as mentors and creators.”

15% of all Rhythm Section’s Patreon income will go to a different charitable cause each month. Rhythm Section also plans to offer mentorship and workshops to lower-income and underrepresented people for free.

Find out more about Rhythm Section’s Patreon and mentorship program here.