Resident Advisor announces Streamland, a new listings hub for virtual events

Resident Advisor is rolling out a new geo-tag for virtual listings.

As the electronic music scene adapts to the safety risk large gatherings currently pose during the COVID-19 pandemic, RA has created “Streamland.” Head to the listings and filter for the Streamland location in the country menu. This page is dedicated to virtual-only events, offering self-isolating ravers a helpful index for finding the best digital parties broadcasting from across the globe.

Streamland offers promoters, artists and collectives an option for reaching fans interested in having a dance through the world wide web. Listing events here is the same as submitting regular listings to RA. Be sure to tag all the artists on your lineup, include a high-resolution image and write a summary of your party in the description. All events in Streamland will be in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). For extra clarity, we recommend also listing the exact time in major cities like London, Berlin, Tokyo and New York. If you have a link to the stream ready, include it in the event description for easy access. Every week, we’ll highlight upcoming broadcasts as RA Picks.

For those with streaming ambitions who are struggling with the technical side, we’ve created this step-by-step guide on how to get set up.

To list your virtual event, follow the form here.

Restart your router and peel the tape off your laptop camera. We’ll see you in Streamland.