Rashad Becker and Mark Fell rework Sote's Parallel Persia

Rashad Becker and Mark Fell have remixed material from Sote‘s 2019 album, Parallel Persia.

Out now on Diagonal, the EP features three cuts: a “Dramatic Reenactment” of “Pseudo Scholastic” by Becker and “Parallel Yorkshire” version of “Modality Transporter,” as well as the previously released 2019 Sote track “Artificial Neutrality,” which did not appear on the album.

Next week, Sote will release MOSCELS, which was composed entirely using analogue gear, on Opal Tapes.

Listen to clips on Boomkat.

01. Pseudo Scholastic (Dramatic Reenactment – Rashad Becker)

02. Artificial Neutrality

03. Modality Transporter (Parallel Yorkshire – Mark Fell)

Parallel Persia (Rashad Becker & Mark Fell Re-Works) is out now via Diagonal.

Photo credit: Arash Bolouri