RA to stream second edition of Club Quarantäne, a marathon virtual rave

Club Quarantäne will reopen next weekend.

After a successful first marathon virtual rave last month, Club Quarantäne will return for 38 hours starting Friday, April 24th, at 10 PM CEST (8 PM UTC) through Sunday, the 26th, at 12 PM CEST (10 AM UTC). Tune in via the Club Quarantäne website and YouTube.

The lineup for the second edition features a mix of international heavyweights and breakout talent playing techno, house and more. Ben UFO, Jayda G, Beautiful Swimmers, FJAAK, Tijana T, MoMa Ready, Zenker Brothers, D. Tiffany, Ash Lauryn, Slikback, Anetha, Akua, Cashu, Darwin and Emma DJ & Lemaire are among those who’ve contributed prerecorded sets.

Club Quarantäne is put on by various industry players, including booking agencies, audio companies and YouTube as part of the #SaveOurScene campaign. There’ll be a donation “bar,” where virtual punters can contribute directly to charities focused on supporting marginalised groups in the electronic music community, with a full list of partners to be confirmed.

RA‘s Maya-Roisin Slater interviewed the Club Quarantäne team to find out more about the project.

Who’s behind Club Quarantäne and how did it come together?

Carlo and Claudio from Invisible Hand came up with the idea. This was a logical step to react on the COVID-19 situation. We are grateful being surrounded with so many talented creative friends who we are all connected through our passion for music. You can find all info about our amazing team on the website imprint. It’s not about credits, it’s more about seeing Club Quarantäne as a synthesis of the arts.

We aren’t creating a simulation of reality, but something entirely new.

What are some details you added to the virtual space to make it just like the real thing?

People can use the chatroom, which offers a place to interact and connect with each other. This works in a virtual club as in a real one. It brings people together with the same passion and values.

Tell us about next weekend’s lineup. Do you find your approach in curating online events is different than it would be IRL?

The approach is to show the international diversity of electronic music, gathering a broad mix of genres and artists from around the globe. The good thing about running an online club is that there aren’t any boundaries (lineups, flights, playtimes, etc.). Shout out to Ryan Miller for supporting us this time!

How has COVID-19 affected you and the artists you work with?

It’s a challenge for everyone, but it also makes us consider new creative, more independent ways of working and creating.

What’s one thing you hope the electronic music community learns from this pandemic?

To rethink the value chain, and find solutions that everyone involved can reserve and save assets, as there might come more challenges like the current situation in the future. (Hopefully not!) And to stay a strong community and support each other and those in need.

Visit Club Quarantäne at 10 PM CEST April 24 through 12 PM CEST on the 26th via the official website, which uses a new, interactive system powered by Off World Live. It’s directed and produced by Sam Aldridge and Selam X, with web design by Marco Land. You can also watch it via RA‘s channel on YouTube.

Browse more virtual events in RA‘s new virtual listings hub, Streamland.

See the complete lineup.

Learn more about the #SaveOurScene campaign, including ways you can help, here.

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