Private Hell – “M.M.M.”Private Hell – “M.M.M.”

Last year, the Richmond band Ghouli came out with Nothing, a great EP of raw, spooky hardcore punk. Ghouli guitarist Mikey Kent is the host of Toxic Schlock, a great horror-movie podcast that’s on a bit of a hiatus now; I was on there earlier this year, talking about Scream. And now Kent also has another band called Private Hell; they just came out with their first song today.

Private Hell features a bunch of familiar faces from the Virginia punk scene, including Fried Egg drummer Sam Roberts. The band’s self-titled demo is coming out next month, and they’ve just shared “M.M.M.,” a thrashy D-beat ripper that’s all about feeling completely lost and doomed. I get serious Tragedy vibes from this, and that’s high praise. Listen below.

The Private Hell demo is out 10/1.