Oni Nillsen – BLAME

Oni Nillsen – BLAME

84%Overall Score

• A mix between orchestral and trap
• Delicate, smooth vocal performance
• Unexpected aggressiveness in the drop

Oni Nillsen remains a near-mystical figure for me. Except for his first name, which is Nick, there is not much information about him, at least on the internet bubble. No bio, no press release to expand about “BLAME”, which came in as a submission. His SoundCloud is also a blank slate in terms of details, except for a dozen of Trap/Future Bass releases. Now, that’s the kind of producer that often takes me by surprise!

Now, let’s talk about what we have. “BLAME” is admirable because of the mix between orchestral breakdown, emotional vocal, and a rather unexpected drop, fashioned with exceptional mastery. The bassline slaps, it’s one of those dirty Electro House-infused elements that appear unannounced between the breaks. It’s splendid how the pre-drop segment is put on the backdrop: the contrast between the delicate vocal and the aggressive lead/bassline adds a great deal of fluidity to the composition. Speaking about dynamism, also the melodic pattern switches: from the repetitive chords, blending with the slower pace of the vocalist, the notes became frantic, striking hard in the transitioning.

To sum up, “BLAME” is a delightful creation that struck me right in the weak spot, as the orchestral breaks and then the combo of aggressive drops (Tribal Trap is a near-infinite source of these club weapons, FYI). The trick that resides here is that Oni put his efforts into the drop’s low-end, creating a completely refreshing experience and using a fantastic vocal for augmenting the elegance of the breakdown. This is my new ‘stuck on repeat’ song!

You can listen to “Oni Nillsen” here:

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