Nkisi, Gabber Eleganza feature on new ParkingStone compilation, Blist

Simon.e Thiebaut, AKA Drama Nature, has put together a 17-track compilation featuring Nkisi, Gabber Eleganza and more.

Blist will hit the shelves on November 22nd via ParkingStone, the label launched by Thiebaut (pictured) in December last year. The compilation includes music by Lizzitsky, Osheyack, Gabber Modus Operandi and Taiwanese experimental artist Meuko! Meuko!, with artwork by Joe Pascale.

The first release on ParkingStone was a three-part compilation called Dandélion featuring tracks by Via App, Rui Ho, Crystallmess and more.

As well as running a label, Thiebaut is a photographer, actress, promoter, DJ and occasional model based in Paris.

See the teaser clip by Pascale.

01. Piano Princess – All The Time

02. Meuko! Meuko! – None (Live Recording)

03. Deli Girls – SILENCE

04. Nkisi – Phantasia

05. IDKLANG – Self-Optimize Pt.I The Mirror

06. INSIN – Kali Phos

07. Khadije – Ms. Thinking

08. Lizzitsky – Gum Massacre (C-Gen Mix)

09. Osheyack – Obfuscate feat. Jordan Tierney

10. Gabber Modus Operandi – Banci

11. Tati Au Miel – Clairvoyance

12. Summer Satana – Mutation Needs Violence


14. Van Boom & Oldyungmayn – 20965

15. whiterose – h’X


17. Gabber Eleganza – Bonjour Travelers

ParkingStone will release Blist on November 22nd, 2020.

Photo credit: Jan Durina

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