Naima Bock – “30 Degrees”Naima Bock – “30 Degrees”

A couple years ago, Naima Bock left Goat Girl — the band she formed with her friends when she was still a teenager — to focus on making music on her own. Today, she’s releasing her debut solo single, “30 Degrees,” which she worked on with Joel Burton of the band Viewfinder. “30 Degrees” is hushed and mournful, with Bock’s deep voice at the center. “This song came out of the adolescent duality of fear and freedom and deals primarily with goodbyes,” she said in a statement. “The small ones, which feel so big, ‘some final word’ (goodbye to a long-term friendship) and the big ones, ‘the final sigh’ which can feel so small amidst the clutter of surviving day-to-day.” Check it out below.

“30 Degrees” is out now via Sub Pop.