Mo Troper’s record label cancels album release following abuse allegations

Mo Troper was set to release a new album, Svengali, in May via Lame-O Records, but the label has announced that they will no longer be releasing it after Troper’s ex-partner, Maya Stoner of Floating Room, accused him of abuse. “In light of recent information, we will no longer be releasing Mo Troper’s album Svengali,” Lame-O’s message reads. “Refunds will be available at point of purchase. We are sending healing thoughts to Maya and victims of abuse everywhere.”

As Stereogum points out, Troper’s manager, Luke Phillips, is also cutting ties with Troper following the allegations. In a series of messages on social media, Phillips wrote, “My apologies for not immediately responding to these messages, it was important to me that I had a moment to consider everything within Maya’s statements, as not only do I manage Mo but I consider us extremely close.” He continued:

I’ve made the decision to step away from being Mo’s manager. Mo and Maya are both people I consider friends—I was briefly managing Floating Room and was even asked to officiate their wedding—and to read these tweets / see these videos has been overwhelming

Everything I knew about their relationship was from afar and. in light of all this, I don’t think I can go on working with Mo, and will give him space to make his own statements.

I believe Maya. I hope everyone involved can take the steps to heal and grow from this, and I hope that those blindsided by these allegations like I was can find space to support eachother through whatever they need going forward

Speaking about Troper in a video on Twitter, Stoner said, “This man abused me. I’m still fucking healing from it, and he’s just bragging about it. And he can brag about it because I’m just an autistic sex worker indigenous brown person, and he’s a popular white guy. Rich white guy.” She clarified, “this is about mo troper” in another message.

In another tweet, Stoner wrote, “i didn’t prepare an mla format call out note because i saw this description and immediately said something… this wasn’t a preplanned call out. this is me responding to him bragging about being an abuser.”

Troper has deleted his social media accounts and has not made a statement at this time.