MadaxX – Ravers & Parties

MadaxX – Ravers & Parties

80%Overall Score

• Catchy and easygoing loop
• Experimental first drop, followed by Hardstyle in the finale
• Ample room for building up to the climax

MadaxX may be a new name to me, but this German artist has already generated quite a buzz. I carefully read his bio, which revealed his passion for the piano at a young age, followed by a significant hiatus from music, only to be reignited by a magical experience at the Airbeat-One festival. Now, he makes his debut on Seal Network with “Ravers & Parties.”

I adore how the producer infuses a more danceable twist into the classic Hardstyle sound, incorporating melodic and laid-back elements with a desire to try new things. The structure of the track is refreshingly unconventional, yet it maintains the fast BPM we’ve come to expect. Artists like Harris & Ford have been propelling this style to new heights, as it appeals not only to die-hard Hardstyle fans but also to those who are new to the genre. And let’s be honest, it’s an absolute blast to listen to at clubs and festivals.

Although I personally lean more towards the “classic” Hardstyle sound, “Ravers & Parties” succeeded in putting me in a great mood from the get-go, thanks to its engaging vocals. The loop is so catchy that I find myself easily singing along in the right setting. The Hardstyle elements kick in around the one-minute mark, leaving ample space for building up to the climactic moments. The first drop takes an experimental approach, utilizing vocal modulations to create a surprising effect, a sort of anti-climax, but in a more Big Room and glitchy direction. The second section transitions into a more traditional Hardstyle outcome, complete with a familiar kick and a finale that gets pretty rough.

All in all, “Ravers & Parties” is brimming with surprises, successfully capturing the attention of both dedicated fans of the genre and those who simply want to let loose and dance. It’s a lethal combination, I must say. I’m eagerly anticipating more innovative ideas from MadaxX following this impressive kickstart.

You can listen to “Ravers & Parties” here: