LSDXOXO releases free new mixtape, Waiting 2 Exhale

A new LSDXOXO mixtape is out now.

Marking his first official release in two years, the Berlin-based producer’s latest project is called Waiting 2 Exhale, and spans eight tracks that take cues from ballroom, R&B, hip hop and techno. The record also features his own vocals.

The full mixtape is available for free download via LSDXOXO’s website—however, he has also provided a link to his PayPal for direct donations.

LSDXOXO, real name Rashaad Glasglow, is a Philadelphia-born and Berlin-based producer and DJ.

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Listen to the full mixtape here.

01. Good Girl

02. Dick Like Crack
03. Sis, Don’t Spiral
04. Summer In The West

05. Shit Hits different

06. Taking Me High

07. Coming Down

08. To The Gods

Waiting 2 Exhale is out now.