London's The Pickle Factory to host socially distanced parties at sister venue Oval Space

A new socially distanced party is launching at London’s Oval Space on Saturday, November 6th.

Running weekly, Pickle Presents will combine the music policy of smaller sister venue The Pickle Factory with the “the airy, well-ventilated confines of Oval Space,” says booker Toby Wareham. Similar to other local venues that’ve shifted from their usual formats in order to host Covid-safe events, each event will have a max of 150-170 attendees (pending group sizes) with tables spaced 1.5 metres apart.

The November and December programme is already in the diary, with slots for The Ghost, Batu, Anina, Chaos In The CBD, Jossy Mitsu, Sicaria Sound, Dan Shake and Truly Madly.

Oval Space and The Pickle Factory were among the many UK clubs and venues not to receive grants from Arts Council England.

Listen to The Pickle Factory resident Truly Madly’s RA Podcast from last August, and see the calendar of events below.