LOMIJOH Tells Everyone Going Through Relationship Issues: “Don’t Let It Go”

LOMIJOH, a New York resident artist who was raised in France and is from Camerounese descent, has just released her debut single, “Don’t Let It Go,” a masterwork for such a young artist. Her immense potential paired with a sharp sense of what works and what doesn’t in the sonic world already gives her the status of a rising artist with a huge future ahead of her. 

“Don’t Let It Go” is a very personal song, as LOMIJOH seems to be the kind of singer-songwriter that chooses to relate to art on a very deep and intimate level, leaving listeners lost in her hauntingly beautiful and soothing voice, full of poetic gems and powerful statements delivered through a whispery like vocal technique that made us instantly fall in love with “Don’t Let It Go” and the artist who created it.