Lockdown, Marnage – No More (feat. Veronica Bravo)

Lockdown, Marnage – No More (feat. Veronica Bravo)

85%Overall Score

• Volatile structure
• Robust hardstyle kicks
• Impressive vocal delivery

Lockdown is retaining his streak of underground records and he’s definitely in great shape, as I’m having plenty of fun with his discography! He’s accompanied by the Italian trio Marnage, finally back on a notable label after some worth-mentioning releases on Dharma and Revealed a couple of years back (and I must recommend their rework of “Povero Gabbiano” while at it). Veronica Bravo creatively handles the vocals, and this crew of five people is the brains behind “No More”.

The composition is surprisingly volatile, even for Sinphony’s underground standards. The classic build-up, then the Hard-psy breakdown, and the climax with a melodic hardstyle schema… let’s say that Lockdown and Marnage don’t go gentle with these kicks. That’s Dirty Workz material, which is great to see on Spinnin’ Records!

“No More” does stand out with its aggressive policy in terms of the melody and its synergy with the vocal. Particularly appreciable is how Veronica Bravo adapted to the instrumental for a Hardstyle audience, making a fascinating atmosphere in the breakdown which is luckily not relegated as a moment of pause between the drops, but a singular experience in itself.

“No More” is a melodic treat with its intense dose of vigor, and remains very entertaining. Not to forget the lovely Hardstyle kicks! Amazing work to everyone involved, as all the elements at play here are striking in their own way!

You can listen to “No More” here:

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