Listen to the debut album from Zenobia زنّوبيا

Palestinian electronic duo Zenobia زنّوبيا have released their debut album, Halak Halak (Welcome Welcome), on Acid Arab‘s label.

The duo, comprising Nasser Halahlih and Isam Elias, is a key force in the growing Palestinian electronic scene. Halahlih is arguably the first Palestinian electronic music artist, producing since the late ’90s, while Elias is a classically trained keyboardist.

They’re now based in Haifa, the third-largest city in Israel and home to a relatively large Arab population. Zenobia زنّوبيا takes its name from the third century queen of Palmyra, reflecting their desire to craft a contemporary electronic music that pays respect to ancient Levantine roots. They recorded Halak Halak at their studios in Shefa Amr, and it’s out digitally and on CD and vinyl via Acid Arab records—the joint venture between Crammed Discs and the Parisian collective Acid Arab.

Listen to Halak Halak via Bandcamp.

01. El Intro
02. Sa7rawe
03. Desert Hafla
04. Edine
05. Ksr Ksr Ksr
06. Halak Halak
07. Funky Egal
08. Yalla Yalla
09. Shaglaba
10. El3ab El3ab

Halak Halak is out now.