Lionlimb – “Nothing”Lionlimb – “Nothing”

Lionlimb announced a new album, Spiral Groove, last month. It came with a glowing endorsement from Angel Olsen, which makes sense because the project’s (now) sole leader Stewart Bronaugh plays in Olsen’s backing band. We’ve heard “Loveland Pass” from it already and now we’re getting the album’s second single, “Nothing,” which is about trying to overcome personal dissatisfaction and be happy with the strides you’ve made: “There was nothing I could do/ But just take a seat right next to you/ Cause next to you I got nothing.”

“I feel like I’ve spent the majority of my time focused on what I don’t have and what others do have and how I’d be able to achieve them,” Bronaugh said in a statement. “But even when those desires or wishes get fulfilled you’re still somehow unsatisfied. I don’t know if it’s because capitalism or social media have wired our brains this way or it’s just our nature. But this song is about trying to live in the headspace of recognizing what you do have and being grateful for it. I think the desire to spend our energy on acquiring things we don’t have rather than nurturing the things we do is our biggest flaw.”

Listen below.

Spiral Groove is out 11/12 via Bayonet Records.