Lindstrøm releases first ever live-album, Live At Henie Onstad…

Lindstrøm just released a live album called Live At Henie Onstad….

The hour-long set was captured at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, an art museum in Lindstrøm’s native Norway. The Norwegian mainstay’s sixth solo album, 2019’s On A Clear Day I Can See You Forever, was recorded exclusively with hardware. The accompanying YouTube video shows him taking a similar approach at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, presiding over a studio’s worth of gear.

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Watch the accompanying live video for Live At Henie Onstad….

Listen to Live At Henie Onstad… on Spotify.

01. Fjell

02. Really Deep Snow

03. Presence

04. Forward Spring

05. Swing Low Sweet LFO

06. Runners Knee

07. Live Volcano, Subterranean Fire

08. Blinded By The LEDs

09. On A Clear Day I Can See You Forever

Live At Henie Onstad… is out now.