Let’s give some space to roaring Future Rave: Talented Sixcap flaunts his powerful melodies in “Freeway”

Let’s give some space to roaring Future Rave: Talented Sixcap flaunts his powerful melodies in “Freeway”

86%Overall Score

• Drop with a robust concept
• Trance buildup for the finale
• First-rate vocal placement

As Hardwell & co remain busy preparing for Big Room Techno bangers (anyone interested in a “Shotgun” Review?), I decided to direct my attention to newer talents instead. With less hype— and high expectations comparatively— this is where I truly find fresh ideas. Sixcap fits in this example for the theory, merging classic Trance and modern-day Future Rave in “Freeway”, released via Glow Records.

Both Glow and Sixcap (with a past in Intensity, always a good sign) are underrated names, and the standards in “Freeway” display a maturity exceeding both artistic and professional levels. If Hardwell was included in the feat, this could already be ranked in the top 5 tunes from this year under this sub-genre.

Although, let’s abandon usual cliches and focus on music: “Freeway” initiates from the vocals, a thriving performance that avoids the darker and glitchy makeover in Future Rave, yet almost crosses over into Progressive House. It’s vigorous, yet sweet and harmonic at the same time with Sixcap having built an architecture underneath to amplify the voice in both breaks. The first is a brief transition, as the central segment presents a fantastic Trance solo à la W&W, which many fans, including myself, adore. Epic and energetic, this was a genial idea to break the rhythm: I tip my hat off to that!

But surprises are far from over in “Freeway”, as the vocal keeps delivering in drops, breaks, finale, and pretty much throughout. The drops are smacking FR sequences with my favorite during the finale, where the notes render a glitchy twist to up the ante. Predictability is a lost cause here, everything in a constant flux and evolving as the track progresses.

If you didn’t already get the theme here, “Freeway” is simply amazing. It’s a top-notch record stacked with impressive vocals and a framework built to maximum effectiveness. Sixcap is breaking the rules!

You can listen to “Freeway” here: