Lesser Halves (Caravels, Duck. Little Brother, Duck!) prep debut LP, share 2 songs

Lesser Halves is a new Portland, OR band with some familiar faces: members of classic Topshelf Records bands Caravels and Duck. Little Brother, Duck!, as well as U SCO and Softskills. Their debut LP The Gold, the Rush, the Rot, the Rust was recorded by Evan Mersky and mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley, it comes out next week (July 5), and two songs are out now, “2 x 2” and “Private Jest.” Across these two songs, they mix angular, guitar-fueled indie rock with sunny power pop vocals, and the results are pretty cool. Check out both tracks below.

1. Bully
2. Lake Mead
3. 2 x 2
4. Private Jest
5. Two Lies & a Truth
6. Bandit
7. Curated Ghosts
8. In on the Joke
9. Again
10. Nowhere