Kris Cerro & Pedro Galhardo – One More Life

Kris Cerro & Pedro Galhardo – One More Life

84%Overall Score

• Progressive House, but aggressive
• Tropical house-influenced breakdowns
• Intense melodic loop, gorgeous vocals

Kris Cerro is back at EDM Reviewer, together with Pedro Galhardo. The duo has just dropped superlative collaboration via Bass Rebels, ready to incinerate the atmosphere of the already hot August!

Here’s the deal: I am not particularly motivated by Progressive House lately, except for an immense release from Manse (“anybody”) which needs a quick pitching here, so pretty sure that these two will be the contenders for the throne of being my favorite song from this genre in the recent period. “One More Life” scores the big points: lots of aggressiveness to sweeten the recipe.

Sure, it’s not a revolutionary move, yet I liked how the duo mixed Tropical-ish breakdowns with sprinting drops. It’s the type of festival Progressive House I truly appreciate, further enriched by a powerful melodic loop and that gorgeous vocal!

Much like chess, it’s a game of balance: first with the two slightly different drops with guitars and slower build-ups, and then with that peculiar, massive lead. Bonus point: the vocal is passionate, thriving, and ultimately has good vibes. Excellent pick, even though I felt that there was some confusion around the pre-drop area.

“One More Life”, in its entirety, is an explosive incendiary for the festivals, pure Tomorrowland material. Recommended!

You can listen to “One More Life” here:

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