Joyce Manor show in FL shut down, attendees arrested for moshing

A Joyce Manor show in Jacksonville, FL was shut down by the fire marshall on Friday night (3/8). Attendees say the band were half an hour into their set at an afterparty for Collective Con at Prime Osborn Convention Center (which had originally been scheduled at another Jacksonville venue, Underbelly, and later moved to the convention center) when the show was stopped. Video footage shows security standing onstage during “Constant Headache,” and people being detained by police.

witchfit on Reddit wrote, “had who is assuming was an event organizer come on stage 5 mins into the set and tell everyone to stop moshing/crowd surfing so we could ‘have a safe show’ to which people booed and cursed him off stage. few mins later they planted a security guard in the middle of the stage to throw people off if they got on stage to dive/crowd surf. ended up forcefully escorting a few off stage. minutes later the band announced the fire marshall was shutting the show down. i left pretty soon after that because i could tell it was gonna be bad news if i hung around, but my friends and i walked outside to what had to be at LEAST 10-13 cop cars lit up. that’s when the arrests started happening and a whole army attacking a bunch of kids who did nothing wrong.”

Ocala-based label Far From Home wrote:

Porch Coffin, who opened the show along with Glazed, shared an Instagram story:

Neither the convention nor Joyce Manor have issued a statement about the show at this time. See more attendee footage and accounts below.