Joanna Newsom pays tribute to Steve Albini: “he’s been so enormously important in my life for so many years”

So many musicians have paid tribute to Steve Albini since he unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack on Tuesday (5/7), and that continued when Joanna Newsom paid tribute to him during her set at Salt Lake City’s Kilby Block Party festival on Friday night (5/10). She dedicated “Cosmia,” the closing track of her 2006 Steve Albini-recorded album Ys, to him, and said the following:

“On the list of all the reasons that he’s my hero, music and music-related stuff doesn’t even crack the top 10. And he’s been so enormously important in my life for so many years, but still, just as a human, as a person, as a hilarious, loving loyal friend, I miss him. I’m gonna miss him so much. I haven’t accepted it yet. […] I can’t believe I don’t get to record with him again, but I love Steve.”

Watch a video of her tribute:

Setlist (via)
In California
Leaving the City
Soft as Chalk
No Wonder
Cosmia (Tribute to Steve Albini)
Sawdust & Diamonds
Inflammatory Writ