Isaac Palmer & Cuebrick – Higher

Isaac Palmer & Cuebrick – Higher

71%Overall Score

• Bass House infused with captivating vocal modulations
• Polished bassline accompanied by impactful kicks
• Breakdown showcases Cuebrick‘s unique touch

Isaac Palmer‘s music is heavily influenced by Bass House, as evident in his previous releases such as “Pressure” and “Inception” (his debut on Maxximize Recordings alongside Tony Junior). His more recent track, “Can’t Remember,” delved into Phonk sounds with thmpsn. Now, teaming up with Cuebrick, he presented “Higher” an exciting and experimental release on Blasterjaxx’s label.

Given the track record of the artists involved, who have consistently delivered stellar performances in the past (remember that 90+ rating?), my expectations were high. I’m pleased to say that “Higher” is a captivating and creatively crafted piece.

The drop showcases Isaac Palmer’s signature Bass House elements infused with Tech-y influences, reminiscent of the STMPD sound that I’ve come across with artists like Vluarr. What sets it apart is the dominant vocal modulation that takes center stage in the sequence. It may take some getting used to, but it undoubtedly leaves a lasting impression.

In the breakdown, I noticed Cuebrick’s distinctive touch, featuring a wobbling Trance-like structure that sets the stage for the final drop. Although the transition felt slightly abrupt for my personal taste, the shift in atmosphere to a calmer tone was intriguing. It required some adaptation on my part, but it was a deliberate artistic choice.

I believe “Higher” deserves recognition for daring to explore new territory. However, I must mention that its elements might pose a challenge for some listeners. Approach with an open mind and handle with care.

You can listen to “Higher” here:

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