Ironheart & IVEEN – Eye Of The Storm

Ironheart & IVEEN – Eye Of The Storm

86%Overall Score

• Crusaders are encountering a storm
• Stellar vocal compartment
• Classic Ironheart details with elegant chords

It may have been a moment since I wanted to talk about Ironheart, one of the brightest creatives in the Melodic Dubstep world. His latest EP, “The Lost Crusade” highlights the calibre of this unique Atlanta-based composer: a medievalesque theme, with heavy emphasis on Dubstep/Melodic Dubstep elements. Expect to hear choruses and musical elements attributable to the Middle Ages, when knights and warriors were venturing into faraway lands…

Ironheart has built an entire story revolving around this majestic concept, as his discography clearly shows (of which I am a big fan). The next chapter of his journey is a beautiful composition with the award-winning singer-songwriter IVEEN, this time with a more nautical theme. “Eye of The Storm” tells the story of crusaders embarking on a battle overseas, and its epic aura immediately kicks in. By far, my favorite part of his style is the incredible capability of crafting atmospheres: I felt like a part of the crew during the breakdown phase. There is an impressive peak, with IVEEN’s vocal delicately coordinating with the base. In this case, we have a medieval theme plus sailor chants, a terrific combination for an unforgettable act.

And the drop? Roaring with passion like the ocean waves, the blazing synths enter the stage with an explosive introduction. I felt that it was more delicate than my expectations, giving space to elegant chords and the liveliness of the vocals.

Ironheart and IVEEN have conjured a splendid gem with “Eye Of The Storm”, an adventurous release on a style, that again, I consider greatly unique and admirable. Can’t wait to see the next chapter of this unfolding saga!

You can listen to “Eye Of The Storm” here:

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