Inclination – “Epidemic” (Feat. Indecision’s Tom Sheehan)Inclination – “Epidemic” (Feat. Indecision’s Tom Sheehan)

The Louisville hardcore band Inclination have been kicking around for a few years now — their second release When Fear Turns To Confidence made our Great EPs From 2019 list — and today they’re announcing their debut full-length album, Unaltered Perspective, which is out in October. It includes “Thoughts And Prayers” and “A Decision,” two tracks the band released earlier this year, and now they’re sharing the harrowing “Epidemic,” which features guest vocals from Indecision’s Tom Sheehan.

“The message in ‘Epidemic’ stems from the wanton destruction brought on by the pharmaceutical industry in the United States,” the band’s Tyler Short said in a statement. “Politicians and policy makers happily look the other way and get rich while the opioid crisis kills tens of thousands of Americans every year. Tom Sheehan from Indecision recorded a part on the track and his unmistakable voice and style really amplify the frustration and desperation conveyed throughout the song.”

Check it out below.

01 “Unaltered Perspective”
02 “Epidemic”
03 “Thoughts And Prayers”
04 “Predetermined”
05 “Bystander”
06 “Without A Word”
07 “Marooned”
08 “Connections”
09 “Segue”
10 “A Decision”
11 “Commitment To Self”

Unaltered Perspective is out 10/21 via Pure Noise Records. Pre-order it here.