iDEAL Recordings releases debut album from Boston techno producer Isabella

Isabella Koen’s debut album is out tomorrow through iDEAL Recordings.

Melody Depleted encompasses techno, EBM, industrial and trance across its 12 tracks. It’s the first full-length from the Boston producer, who has previously released record and tapes on labels like Jacktone, Börft, Peder Mannerfelt and more.

“This is her first proper album, if you disregard the tapes she made, and it’s a real killer filled with post techno, industrial scares, academic noise and a deep feeling for what is beyond whatever we think we know,” iDEAL head Joachim Nordwall says.

Listen to “Mind Tear.”

01. I’m Laughing

02. Roll Doll

03. Mnesia

04. Organ

05. Funny To Meet You

06. The Harm I Dream For You

07. Take One And Two

08. Send

09. Lap Talk

10. Through The Kitchen Window

11. Mind Tear

12. Hypnic Jerk

iDEAL Recordings will release Melody Depleted on April 24th, 2020.