Hypercolour announces three new Luke Vibert albums

Luke Vibert is releasing a trilogy of albums on Hypercolour this year.

Each LP from the UK veteran will explore a different era and sound in rave culture. The first, landing on May 29th, sees Vibert reviving his Amen Andrews alias for a 14-track LP of old-school jungle beats, while the second, Modern Rave (out in June) focuses on early rave music using vintage samples from the time. Finally, there’s Rave Hop, focusing on breakbeat hip-hop, due out on July 31st.

Vibert is one of the most venerable figures in UK electronic music, with a long history and a dense web of aliases that includes Plug, Wagon Christ, Kerrier District and more. He put out his last album, Valvable, through I Love Acid in 2019.

Listen to clips from the first two albums.

Luke Vibert Presents Amen Andrews
01. Pressure

02. God

03. Animen

04. DBC 1

05. Bass Kick

06. Ready

07. Sirius

08. Big L

09. Better Breaks

10. New Bust

11. Ready Again

12. Strange

13. Bad Boy Acid

14. Lower

Luke Vibert Presents Modern Rave
01. Numbas

02. Beef

03. Feel One

04. Fresh

05. Sky’s The Limit

06. Dream

07. The Music

08. Feel Two

09. Groovy Break

10. Acid

11. Ecstacy

12. Better Forward

13. Ladies

Luke Vibert Presents Rave Hop
01. Deep Tapes

02. Come Now

03. Hot Fingers

04. No Competition

05. Session

06. Styles

07. Attention

08. Brain Rush

09. Sikker Beats

10. All Night

11. Power Blast

12. Thu R Ears

13. Lover

14. Chill

15. Music

Hypercolour will release Luke Vibert Presents Amen Andrews on May 29th, 2020, Luke Vibert Presents Modern Rave on June 26th, 2020 and Luke Vibert Presents Rave Hop on July 31st, 2020.