Hel:Slowed and Amber Revival know how to enchant as they reveal “If You Only Knew”!

Hel:Slowed and Amber Revival know how to enchant as they reveal “If You Only Knew”!

83%Overall Score

• Great blend of Trance and Prog
• Enchanting vocals and lead
• Solid sound design

Further setting their indelible imprint on Armin van Buuren’s endeared label, Hel:Slowed has become a favorite for many with their excellent releases in Armada Music. Consistency and quality seem to be their motto at the moment, as they introduced “If You Only Knew”, yet another atmospheric and entrancing record, this time in collaboration with singer-songwriter pair Amber Revival.

Although their musical catalog can be traced back to 2021, Hel:Slowed have shown unprecedented expertise and ingenuity with their productions. We first came across them with their massive overhaul on Tiesto’s all-time classic “Flight 643,” which transformed the evergreen trance gem into a veritable club weapon— bringing the modern melodic techno sound artfully— turning it equally compatible for festivals with its suspenseful transitions and a rewarding and impactful finale drop featuring the original’s riff. Apart from that, the Dutch moniker has also shown a mastery at slower, euphoric progressive trance. Tracks such as “In Silence” or “Hold Onto This” have swirling, hypnagogic melodic soundscapes, beautifully resembling classic trance.

Falling into the latter category which we described, “If You Only Knew” fascinates right from the first second with a softer set of plucks and pads as Amber Revival furnish a remarkable vocal duty with lush layers of harmonies. Slowly descending into the main breakdown, this is where strings and airy pad synths envelop the singing as a modulated synth riff opens up slowly. Building that sense of longing, this segment deftly gathers momentum to transition into the final drop, which gently comes into focus with the main lead sound and iterating the vocal chorus; a pleasantly engaging experience!

Continuing their winning streak, Hel:Slowed have yet again demonstrated their unique specialty with the trance/progressive genre, alongside Amber Revival making a promising comeback with their talents.

You can listen to “If You Only Knew” here: