Galcher Lustwerk reveals six-track EP, Proof, on Ghostly International

Galcher Lustwerk is releasing a new EP on Ghostly International this July.

Proof is the follow-up to his Ghostly debut, 2019’s Information LP. It features a remix by AceMoMA, AKA New York’s AceMo and MoMa Ready, as well as “Another Version” of Information track “Another Story.” The vinyl EP contains five new tracks, while the digital version also includes “Leave”—both are out on July 10th.

On April 20th, Galcher Lustwerk released a 69-minute EP called 420 under the alias 420. Each of the 16 tracks are four minutes and 20 seconds long, and the EP costs $69 on Bandcamp.

Listen to the AceMoMa remix of “Speed.”

01. Proof

02. I Had To Slow It Down

03. Graham
04. Another Story (Another Version)

05. Speed (AceMoMa Remix)

06. Leave (Digital Bonus)

Ghostly International will release Proofon July 10th, 2020.

Photo credit: Collin Hugues